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Fertiliser Storage Bin

The 48T Fert Bin™ by Agribin® is especially designed for storage of fertiliser or rice. The Fert Bin™ is designed with a steeper cone to allow the bin to self-empty better for ease of use on your farm or land. Available through rural VIC & NSW.

  • Internally coated base cone and walls

  • Steeper cone to self-empty even MAP/DAP

  • Ground-operated, centre-opening lid for filling with an auger

  • Large, winch-operated slide/choke for controlling the flow of fertiliser

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Cubic Meters Delivery
59m³ $8/km

Capacity: 48T Wheat (810kg/m³) |  45T MAP/DAP Fertiliser (1,000kg/m³) 

I can put my wheat in at harvest, MAP at sowing and Urea at spreading time - Jarrod Amery, Grenfell NSW