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‘Cost effective alternative to buying a Mother Bin’
Jim Boyle – Birchip VIC

Jim Boyle – Birchip VIC

‘I can’t knock it! It’s got good height, easy to move, got good flow in it, easy to load – all round good bin.’
Mick M. – Deniliquin NSW

Deniliquin Freighters

‘Now takes us about 13 minutes from start to stop and leave the paddock….before it was taking us half an hr – very pleased!’
Chris Dixon – Quandialla NSW

Chris Dixon, Quandialla

‘Really easy to use, farmer friendly bin.’


David Dixon, Quandialla

“I brought the Agribin this year and I recommend it to anyone,  It’s easy to operate, it’s fantastic, it’s a 1 man operation to move! And its unloading capacity is phenomenal – its unbelievably fast.”

Tim Stratton, Coonamble

“Good unit, with plenty of storage in the paddock. It’s (Agribin) is good unloading because it’s nice & quick. Worked well for our situation because we’re moving from paddock regularly. It (Agribin) has a good hydraulic rams that lift up the bins easily, so we can move the bins from paddock to keep up with headers.”

Trent West, Tallimba NSW

“Perfect for our road train sizes; perfect for our chickpeas; good flow for the wheat – fills the trucks quickly. A very, very good attribute is it’s easy to use with the hydraulic system, no more pulling on levers and making OH&S an issue during harvest. Truck drivers more than happy to move the bins from site to site. Makes harvest stress free and fast flowing for everybody.”

Stuart and Nick Hill, Nindigully (St George) QLD

“Dual wheels, hydraulic lift. The fact is you just hit the hydraulics and go. It only takes about a 40hp tractor to drive the auger. The auger will pump out a tremendous amount of grain. It will fill a B-Double in next to no time. The capacity is big enough to fill a B-Double and a Semi in one go. $500/T comparison to a mother-bin which can be $1200/t. So you can buy two of these bins and still be cheaper than a mother-bin.”

Graeme Mann, Quambatook VIC

“The simplicity of the design and operation has been very good. The clearance from the ground when we’re moving from field to field even though it’s a big bin it doesn’t bottom out or catch on road ways. The back-up service has been excellent. Made and manufactured in rural or regional NSW was a big deciding factor for purchasing these bins.”

Peter Dowling

“We were in the market this year for a mother-bin or some way of storing a bit of grain and filling trucks at speed and this bin certainly does it. Its got a good sturdy foundation at the bottom. We move this bin quite regularly, different blocks on rough roads and its standing up well. I think the people that enjoy it most are the truck drivers – its ease of filling – they can do it themselves and at speed. We’re certainly very happy with the Agribin – it was what we wanted and it was a cost effective option to store and fill trucks, the other options were quite expensive.”

JR & JT Morris