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B-Double Bin

B-Double Bin

Wheat Storage Bin

The 48T B-Double Bin™ is designed for short-term waterproof storage of wheat. The 48T Agribin® has 59 m³ of storage. With a 30° base cone, single ground ring & single wheels, the B-Double Bin™ is a cost-effective choice. We service all of Eastern Australia.

Product Sizes

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Cubic Meters Delivery
59m³ $8/km

Capacity: 48T Wheat (810kg/m³)

  • Single Ground Ring
  • Single Wheels
  • Fills a B-Double or 1.5 Semi's


It only takes about a 40hp tractor to drive the auger. The auger will pump out a tremendous amount  of grain. It will fill a B-double in next to no time. – Graeme Mann, Quambatook VIC