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Road-Train Bin

Road-Train Storage Bin
The most popular bin of all. When filled with a ch...

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B-Double Bin

Wheat Storage Bin
The 48T B-Double Bin™ is designed for short-term wate...

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Fertiliser Storage Bin
Perfect solution for On-Field Storage in VIC and N...

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Grain Silos

Grain Storage Silos
Bulk on-farm storage requires quality products design...

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Field Bins Overview

The sturdy, built to last, design of the Field Bin is carried down from the renowned Grain Commander mobile auger. Manufactured by Commander Ag-Quip and affiliated companies since 1984. 

  • Largest available sizes
  • Increased paddock size
  • Keep harvest going longer when everything else is full
  • 13″ Auger can load a Road-Train Bin in 12 minutes
  • SAFER:
  • Hydraulic rams on draw bar & wheels
  • Lifting & lowering is now safe, easy & quick operation (no more broken jaws!)
  • Anyone can do it – even truckies will

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